Legends of the Kingdom of Epic Adventure Quest

Episode 5
Episode 4

Episode 4

The party, refreshed by a short rest, followed the fleeing kobolds into another chamber of the crypt. A pool of the ominous glowing ooze was flanked by a quartet of sarcophagi, each topped with a pile of skulls. The far end of the room held a heavy stone door, flanked by two raised platforms. There one of the beaten skirmishers told its tale of woe to another sling-weilding kobold. One such held something in his hand – a large round rock, covered in the sticky glowing goo. A rope was looped around said rock, and tied to a hook in the room's ceiling, above the centre of the pool.

The party hesitated at the entrance to the room, hoping to lure the kobolds down to the floor – but it was not to be. Glue shots from the slingers rooted Gharash to the ground. The rock was lobbed, but missed the party entirely on its swing, and before it could be thrown again, the mook who caught it caught a crossbow bolt to the face, and the rock swang back to the centre.

The skirmish was going well for the heroes (glue issues aside) when they forced the heavy door, revealing a pair of vicious-looking creatures, like scrawny, ill-fed dragonlings – guard drakes.

"They're no more related to you than the kobolds are, Gharash."

These two beasts savaged the party viciously. Erin and Gharash were both taken down and almost bled out but for Sariar's timely intervention. Eldreth was in serious trouble, too. But in the end the party triumphed!

The confrontation with the Kobold clan chief looms.. not to mention the ominous Scaled One..

Episode 3

Episode 3

Attendees: Erin Gharash Sariar Eldreth

The party had defeated the guards in the outermost room, and prepared to venture further into the chambers beneath the ruined guard tower of Farqhard Manor. Erin snuck down the stairway and was met with a largish room, apparently a crypt of some sort. Four sarcophagi, battered and abused, stood in the centre, and alcoves, two containing suits of armour, lined two walls. In the far corner, a makeshift altar stood. Erin recalled some of her shadier knowledge, and soon recognized the symbols adorning the altar as those of Tiamat, evil dragon goddess, and Kurtulmak, creeping patron of the kobolds. Four kobolds surrounded the altar, making their obeisances: three spear-bearers in light hide armour, and one figure in scale armour kneeling directly before the altar.

Before she could report these findings to her compatriots, the kneeling figure arose, gathering something from the altar as it turned. Grasping a mace in one claw and the obsidian dragon symbol of Tiamat in the other, the kobold bellowed:


Battle was swiftly joined, as the kobolds swept towards the entrance, and the heroes quickly advanced to meet them. Erin ducked behind a sarcophagus to hide from the kobolds' view, while Sariar hung back by the entrance.

This proved a tricky fight for the heroes. The flagstones surrounding the tombs were trapped, triggering mechanisms hidden in the suits of armour to fire darts tipped with paralysing poison – Gharash and Eldreth both succumbed to this, and Erin was shoved onto a trapped plate for the same effect. The kobold priest wielded the power of Kurtulmak as well, and lobbed his own darts of paralysing energy. This allowed the skirmishers to surround the heroes.

Erin was down for a while during the fight, but Gharash called on Melora's blessing to put her back on her feet.

Each of the kobold skirmishers was eventually driven to flee; two of them escaped down another stairway. The third surrendered to Gharash – the dragonborn being legendary figures of fear for the kobolds. (The fact that he was standing between the kobold and his escape didn't help either.)

The priest fought until the last, doing a lot of damage, and his scale armour made him hard to hit. Eventually he was brought near death, and charged the intruders in one final act of fury. A wave of evil energy flowed forth from him, dazing the heroes and driving them back – but it was not enough to save him.

The fight done, the heroes paused to gather their wits and strength.



Episode 2

Episode 2 – Special Parallel Universe Edition

A couple of the normal crew were absent for this game; however, some other games at the club had degenerated for similar people-not-turning-up-based reasons, and that left a few floating players who were quickly drafted into the LKEAQ session.

So: Boon and Erin were replaced by a pair of rangers: the human Gilliam and the Fey-Stepped-in-from-another-4E-campain eladrin Erivan.

In the aftermath of the scuffle, Gharash interrogated their captured kobold, promising his safe release in exchange for information. The terrified creature jabbered about the kobolds' lair in the ruins of Farqhard Hall, and the clan's new leader – the Scaled One, a white dragon.

"I charge extra for dragons," Gilliam muttered ruefully.

As the party reached the time-wrecked remnants of the hall, they were surprised to find no guard posted. Apparently the crepuscular kobolds were relying on security through obscurity. As the rangers began to scout out the premises, a final bit of interrogation (where the party learned about dart traps hidden in the walls of an old crypt in the lair) left them musing on the ethics of releasing their captive. This problem was solved with a quick sapping blow to the kobold's skull. Its unconscious form was left crumpled in a heap as the party descended into the basement of a ruined guard tower.

Even the rangers' able stealth skills couldn't prevent a scuffle with the few kobolds guarding the first chamber, a fairly nondescript room, except for the pool of thick, glowing, unpleasant green goo in the centre. A portcullis blocked off another thin corridor leaving the room.

The party made short work of the kobold defenders, finishing off both slingshot-wielders before they could fire a single bullet, let alone one of their special gluebombs.

Episode 1 - The Beginning

Episode 1

The party, hungry for adventure, wealth, fame, and all that good stuff, convened in the Floating Eye on the fringes of the town's poor quarter. Life in Mornington had been quiet – too quiet for the likes of these wanderlust-led ones – but Boon was about to receive a piece of unsettling news. His cousin, Shane, from a poorer branch of the family, and owners of a small farm on the fringes of the farmed plain surrounding Mornington, begged for help. His brother, Thom, had gone missing from his family's farm nearly a week ago now. The party agreed to help ("just to tide us over until we get a real adventure") and after queryng Shane about the particulars of Thom's disappearance, piled into Shane's wagon and headed out to his farm.

Passing through the other farms on the way, they were stopped by a farming couple, whose son had also recently gone missing in unexplained circumstances. One of the couple's heifers had been killed, too – mutilated. When the party were shown the rotting remains, Sariar quickly recognized the claw-marks gashed into the few remaining lumps of flesh as belonging to Kobolds. Gharash was not impressed by Erin's intimation that Kobolds and Dragonborn were kindred.

The party proceeded at last to Shane's farm. There, they were shown the tracks left by the kidnappers. Signs of a struggle, drag marks, and, yes, more claw marks. Once again, they pointed to Koboldkin involvement.

The direction of the tracks, along with the short line formed by the two farms reporting kidnappings, pointed to a location.. the abandoned Farqhard Manor, about a day-and-a-half from Mornington.

Once again aboard Shane's cart, they headed for the Manor, but not before Shane, out of family loyalty, strapped on his heirloom sword (a terrible, rusty, dented, and generally worthless piece) and vowed to follow!

As evening fell, the party set up a lean-to from the cart turned upon its side, and settled down to rest, Sariar keeping watch as he maintained his trance.

As the wan light of morn rose above the plain, voices were heard! Small figures with snarling reptilian mouths and claws – the Kobolds had attacked!

It was a group of about nine of the little buggers, led by a shouting, spear-wielding figure. Two bore long pikes, and the remainder all rather looked as if they would have preferred to stay at home.

Battle was joined! The kobolds milled around uncertainly, jabbing at the party and scuttling just out of range. This tactic didn't save them, though. Erin leapt upon the cart and sniped at kobolds with her crossbow. Sariar launched blasts and spheres of eldritch fire. Gharash called upon the might of Melora to bolster his gobbets of sizzling lightning. Eldeth wielded her hammer with crippling accuracy, while Boon bellowed a mixture of threats, encouragment and mockery, pointing out weaknesses for his allies to exploit. (Sadly, his jibes worked his allies into such a fury that they couldn't hit the broad side of a barn…)

In the end, all but two of the kobolds were slain. One of the rabble had fled after missing Eldeth with every single one of his three javelins. One of the pikers was knocked into a twitching, unconscious heap by Sariar's Magic Missile.

Quote of the Session: "Your sword is crap, but your spirit is good." – Boon to Shane when he joined with the party to look for Thom.

Blooper Reel:

* The brother of someone's cousin is also their cousin.

* Shane was mysteriously absent during the fight with the Kobolds. (Guess he's not as brave as his cousin)


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