Legends of the Kingdom of Epic Adventure Quest

Episode 2

Episode 2 – Special Parallel Universe Edition

A couple of the normal crew were absent for this game; however, some other games at the club had degenerated for similar people-not-turning-up-based reasons, and that left a few floating players who were quickly drafted into the LKEAQ session.

So: Boon and Erin were replaced by a pair of rangers: the human Gilliam and the Fey-Stepped-in-from-another-4E-campain eladrin Erivan.

In the aftermath of the scuffle, Gharash interrogated their captured kobold, promising his safe release in exchange for information. The terrified creature jabbered about the kobolds' lair in the ruins of Farqhard Hall, and the clan's new leader – the Scaled One, a white dragon.

"I charge extra for dragons," Gilliam muttered ruefully.

As the party reached the time-wrecked remnants of the hall, they were surprised to find no guard posted. Apparently the crepuscular kobolds were relying on security through obscurity. As the rangers began to scout out the premises, a final bit of interrogation (where the party learned about dart traps hidden in the walls of an old crypt in the lair) left them musing on the ethics of releasing their captive. This problem was solved with a quick sapping blow to the kobold's skull. Its unconscious form was left crumpled in a heap as the party descended into the basement of a ruined guard tower.

Even the rangers' able stealth skills couldn't prevent a scuffle with the few kobolds guarding the first chamber, a fairly nondescript room, except for the pool of thick, glowing, unpleasant green goo in the centre. A portcullis blocked off another thin corridor leaving the room.

The party made short work of the kobold defenders, finishing off both slingshot-wielders before they could fire a single bullet, let alone one of their special gluebombs.


Harlander Harlander

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