Legends of the Kingdom of Epic Adventure Quest

Episode 4

Episode 4

The party, refreshed by a short rest, followed the fleeing kobolds into another chamber of the crypt. A pool of the ominous glowing ooze was flanked by a quartet of sarcophagi, each topped with a pile of skulls. The far end of the room held a heavy stone door, flanked by two raised platforms. There one of the beaten skirmishers told its tale of woe to another sling-weilding kobold. One such held something in his hand – a large round rock, covered in the sticky glowing goo. A rope was looped around said rock, and tied to a hook in the room's ceiling, above the centre of the pool.

The party hesitated at the entrance to the room, hoping to lure the kobolds down to the floor – but it was not to be. Glue shots from the slingers rooted Gharash to the ground. The rock was lobbed, but missed the party entirely on its swing, and before it could be thrown again, the mook who caught it caught a crossbow bolt to the face, and the rock swang back to the centre.

The skirmish was going well for the heroes (glue issues aside) when they forced the heavy door, revealing a pair of vicious-looking creatures, like scrawny, ill-fed dragonlings – guard drakes.

"They're no more related to you than the kobolds are, Gharash."

These two beasts savaged the party viciously. Erin and Gharash were both taken down and almost bled out but for Sariar's timely intervention. Eldreth was in serious trouble, too. But in the end the party triumphed!

The confrontation with the Kobold clan chief looms.. not to mention the ominous Scaled One..


Harlander Harlander

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