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Legends of the Kingdom of Epic Adventure Quest

 Episode 1 – They Saved Saralir's Brain


The Premise

Centuries have passed since the old Empire perished in blood and flame. Once it sprawled, prosperous and content, over the continent. Now its mighty spires lie cracked and ruined, its abandoned cities no more than dust-choked mausoleums for its former glory. None know the true cause of its fall – whether a foe too indomitable to withstand, a plague with no cure, or some colossal act of hubris, the truth is lost in the mists of history. As the years wore on, the survivors clustered together, building towns to shelter from the encroaching darkness as the wild races pillaged the remains of the old civilisation. Slowly, painstakingly, these small towns have struggled their way back, if not to glory then at least to some sense of safety. Some of the old ways have been rediscovered, but much knowledge still lies buried within the crumbled wreckage of the Old Empire…

 This is very much using the implied "Points of Light" setting of Fourth Edition D&D. This has the significant advantage of allowing me to steal stuff from all possible sources.

 Episode 1

The town of Mornington has enjoyed relative peace and a slowly burgeoning prosperity for some time. Its well-trained guards have kept the monsters of the wilds at bay, and trade with other towns and even the great city flourishes. Lately, however, people have been going missing in unexplained circumstances. What is the cause of this new unsettling development? And is it only part of a larger mystery?


The races are largely stock, with a few differences.



Mornington – The home town of the players, and the starting location for the campaign.

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