Guarded on three sides by a sickle-shaped mountain range to which it gives its name, Mornington has been something of a safe harbour from the dangers that have spread since the fall of the Old Empire.

As civilisation staggered back to its feet in the centuries following the cataclysm, a group of refugees led by a cleric of Pelor found a perfect spot to settle. A high plain in the crook of the mountains, watered by a river of pure, chill water from the snow-capped peaks. Below the town lay a wider plain of fertile ground. They founded their settlement, and named it Mornington, in honour of the Sun god.

Over the years, the settlement grew, as such settlments will. Mines were sunk into the surrounding mountains. Craftsmen moved in and began to ply their trade. And on the plains below, farmsteads sprung up, feeding the town and even producing spare to sell.

Today, Mornington is a burgeoning, prosperous town, and still a place of safety in an uncertain world.



Civic Buildings


Temple of Pelor

Inns & Taverns

The Grey Spectre

The Floating Eye

Mornington's Environs

Farqhard Manor




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