Swallowtail Consortium

The Swallowtail Consortium

Initially, the Swallowtail Consortium was a trading caravan that made the run between Mornington and the surrounding towns. As the caravan's wealth burgeoned, its members began to diversify its assets by establishing businesses, such as the Swallowtail Brewery, and purchasing others, as it did in the case of the Grey Spectre. It owns a number of shops in Mornington.

The inns owned by the Consortium serve only Swallowtail ales, and all serve identical food menus.

Rumours that the Consortium is "up to something" have been circulated (almost entirely by Erin) and would have been vociferously repudiated by the Consortium if they thought anyone cared what Erin had to say.

Swallowtail Consortium

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